How much does a Chartered Accountant get paid?

Every CA aspirant questions about their pay once they complete their chartered accountant course. That to question their future in India and lots of question revolve around their minds during their course of study.

Yes, chartered accountants are highly paid even in India. With years of experience, they are highly paid in every sector. The high demand in the auditing and investment fields fetch them a high salary. 

A CA fresher earns up to 6-7 lakhs per annum. Whereas an experienced CA earns up to 40lakhs per annum. CA firms abroad pay even higher salaries that may go up to 76lakhs per annum.

Various factors determine the salary of a chartered accountant.

Top Rank in Chartered Accountancy examinations

If you are a rank holder in your CA examinations, then you would definitely get placed in top companies. That will definitely pay you a higher salary. They may pay you 15-25 lakhs even if you are a fresher.

With other skills your chance of getting higher pay increases.

Detailed Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of your subjects and your training skills will surely get you placed in top companies. If you have a strong foundation on your CA Course subjects with practical knowledge the definitely placed in a top MNCs.

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Passing your CA course with distinction

Clearing your CA course with distinction will definitely reflect you in your career. Clearing your CA with fewer attempts will also fetch you a high salary in your professional career. It will increase your salary package if you are going to work in a private firm or in an Auditing firm.

The high percentage of marks in CA course

Getting high marks in your CA examinations will also get higher salaries even at the starting time of your career. So try to so much as you can in all your CA exams i.e. in CA foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Final. So that your chance of getting higher packages will increase.

Communication skills

CA must have good knowledge along with good communication skills. So that he can prove himself during his professional career. Good communication skills will prove their confidence in themselves and also their knowledge, which will definitely get him placed in top CA firms.

Practical knowledge

Not only your subject knowledge but also your practical knowledge that you have learned during the articleship is also important for getting you placed in a top CA firm.

Take your article ship seriously and learn as much as you can. It will help you in your career as a chartered accountant.

Different pay scale in different sectors

The salary of a CA is based on the sector they work. Like audit firms, financing sector, private consulting firms, banks, etc.

In the audit firm, you expect about 4-7 lakhs per annum. Whereas in the finance section u can expect up to 12 lakhs per annum. As an auditing officer, you can expect around 7-8 lakhs per annum.

Place you work

The place where you work also affects your pay scale. In developed cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, you can expect a much higher pay scale. But in the other cities and towns, you can’t expect that much. You would be paid lesser depending upped the place you work.

Private Sector

  1. IT companies

IT companies like Wipro, Microsoft, TCS hire CAs every year for their audit team. They need fresh minds for auditing their own company returns and also their client’s return and taxation. Their pay scale varies from 7-10 lakhs per annum.

  1. Production companies

Production and manufacturing companies like CEAT, Apollo, MRF companies hire fresher every year for their audit team. This may not be a good place to start with but it may be a great place to develop your professional career.

  1. Banks

Banking is the apt sector for a chartered accountant to work for, every bank will hire a chartered accountant according to their needs and demands. You can expect a salary of about 4-5 lakhs per year in the banking sector if you start as a fresher.

  1. CA Firms

CA firms are the large recruiters for chartered accountants. They are in high demand for chartered accountants it handles auditing for their very clients. They hire large numbers of chartered accountants in order to develop their firm, as more clients will become acquainted as they can handle more auditing works.

  1. Companies in Abroad

CA firms and auditing firms in foreign countries hire our chartered accountants. They are in demand for our chartered accountants as we can work hard and for long hours. They pay the highest pay scale of about 70 lakhs per annum.

Salaries in India based upon their specialization

Chartered accountants who specialize in different areas of interest are paid accordingly. Such as budget management, strategic accounts, financial analysis, etc. they are paid according to their field of work.

Salaries based upon experience

Chartered Accountant salaries depend upon their years of work. An experienced chartered accountant is paid as high as up to 50-70 lakhs per annum here in India. After more years they work their pay scale increases gradually.

Salaries based upon designation

A pay scale for a chartered accountant will vary based on their designation they are working in a company. There are many job profiles for chartered accountants in India such as account executive, finance controller, accountant, finance manager, financial analyst, senior account executive, and many more. Their pay scale differs accordingly.

Salaries based on the cities you working on

A developed metropolitan or a cosmopolitan city will always pay higher for any jobs, the same goes for chartered accountants too. Working in a developed city will always be higher than in the other cities. Jobs in Cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. will always pay you with high package than compared to other cities.

Chartered Accountant Salaries based on different MNCs

A well-developed company will always hire an intelligent mind. They will try to keep an intelligent mind to the sole end no matter what their pay scale is. They will try to pay you even more high if you meet their demands and conditions. CAs are highly paid in companies like RELIANCE, DELOITTE, HINDUSTAN UNILEVER, TATA, SBI, ICICI Bank, etc.

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