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The CA exam is one of the toughest exams in India. Chartered Accountancy is a highly paid and prestigious career field. To clear this exam, the candidate would need hard work and determination. The CA Foundation exam is the 1st step in making that Chartered Accountancy dream of yours come true.  In this blog, you can find all the necessary information about the study material for CA Foundation course.

The ICAI has allocated 4 months of study time for the CA Foundation exam. Before preparing for the CA Foundation exam, you will need to know about the study materials and books needed for CA Foundation.

To prepare for the CA Foundation exam, you will need to go through the study materials provided by ICAI, which has published study materials that cover all the topics on the CA Foundation exam. Click here to check out the study material provided by ICAI.  Apart from study material, they also provide questions for practice, revision test papers, mock test papers, references for quick revision, question papers, and suggested answers. The materials provided by ICAI are sufficient to crack the CA Foundation course.

Study materials for the old syllabus well as for the new syllabus are given on the ICAI website. Candidates who registered for the foundation exam before July 2023 must write the old syllabus and those after July 2023 must appear for the CA Foundation new syllabus examination.

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How to download CA Foundation study material and books from ICAI?

Candidates, who have finished the process of CA Foundation Registration with ICAI for the CA Foundation exam, can order the books for free. Click on the link given to register with ICAI. Even those who have not registered can avail the study material and the book pdf from the official website of ICAI.

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Steps to download CA Foundation study material from ICAI

  1. Visit the official website of ICAI ( and head over to the Student Tab then click on ‘BoS Knowledge Portal’.
  2. Under the New Scheme of Education and Training, click on ‘Foundation course’.
  3. A new page will appear with the list of papers. Click on the required paper.
  4. Head over to the new page and select ‘Study Material’.
  5. A list containing the chapter-wise topics will be available. Select the required topic and download the pdf.

Steps to download books from ICAI

  1. Visit the Website of ICAI (
  2. Registered users can “Sign In” with their SRN or Mobile number along with DOB. New users can click on “Sign Up” and register.
  3. Head over to “Student Course kit” and click on “Order now”. A new page will appear. Select the required books using the “Category Filter” provided on the left side of the page.
  4. If you have registered with BoS, then select “Study material against registration (New course).” If you a guest user, select “Study material for Sale (All course)”.
  5. Click on “Foundation” in the category and choose between English or Hindi.
  6. Head over to the new page and select the required books and add them to the cart.
  7. Registered users can place the order without any payment. Guest/new users can proceed to pay for their order and your delivery will be made within 12 working days by tracking the AWB number given while placing the order.

CA Foundation Books

Apart from the materials offered by the ICAI for CA Foundation exam, you can also refer to the following books. 

Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accounting

  1. Inventory – CA K Saravanan
  2. Fundamentals (Basics, Journal, Ledger, Subsidiary, Books, Cask books, T/B) –  CA K Saravanan
  3. Account Current  – CA K Saravanan
  4. Average Due Date  – CA K Saravanan
  5. BRS – Bank Reconciliation Statement  – CA K Saravanan
  6. Bills of Exchange – CA K Saravanan
  7. Company Accounts – CA K Saravanan
  8. Consignment  – CA K Saravanan
  9. Depreciation – CA K Saravanan
  10. Final Accounts including manufacturing A/C – CA K Saravanan
  11. Non profit organisation – CA K Saravanan
  12. Partnership Accounts(Admission, Retirements, and Death) – CA K Saravanan
  13. Rectification of Errors – CA K Saravanan
  14. Sale or Return Basis – CA K Saravanan
  15. Theory(Including Capital and Revenue expenditure and receipts) – CA K Saravanan

Paper-2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

  1. BCR- Communication – CA Aarthi N  Lahoti
  2. BCR- Sentence Types and Direct-Indirect, Active-Passive Speech – CA Aarthi N  Lahoti
  3. Companies Act – Dr. V Seshadri
  4. General Nature of a partnership – Dr. V Seshadri
  5. ICA- Breach of contract and its remedies – Dr. V Seshadri
  6. ICA- Contingent and Quasi Contracts  – Dr. V Seshadri
  7. ICA- Nature of contracts & consideration – Dr. V Seshadri
  8. ICA- Other essential elements of a contract – Dr. V Seshadri
  9. ICA- Performance of a contract – Dr. V Seshadri
  10.  Limited Liability Partnership,2008 – Dr. V Seshadri
  11. Registration and Dissolution of a partnership firm – Dr. V Seshadri
  12. Relations of Partners  – Dr. V Seshadri
  13. Sale of Goods Act,1930 – Dr. V Seshadri
  14. SOGA – Conditions & Warranties – Dr. V Seshadri
  15. SOGA – Formation of the contract of sale– Dr. V Seshadri
  16.  SOGA –Transfer of ownership and delivery of goods – Dr. V Seshadri
  17. Unpaid Seller – Dr. V Seshadri
  18. The Indian Contract Act – Dr. V Seshadri
  19. The Partnership Act, 1932 – Dr. V Seshadri

Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics

  1. Mathematics – Arithmetic Progression – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  2. Mathematics- Geometric Progression – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  3. Mathematics- Logarithms – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  4. Mathematics- Ration and Proportion – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  5. Mathematics- Ratio proportion, Theory of Indices, Logarithms – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  6. Mathematics- Theory of Indices – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  7. Mathematics- Time Value of Money – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  8. Statistics – Correlation – Prof. L S Sivakumar
  9. Statistics – Regression – Prof. L S Sivakumar

Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

  1. BCK (Business & Commercial Knowledge) – Business Environment – CA Aakash
  2. BCK (Business & Commercial Knowledge) – Business Organizations – CA Aakash
  3. BCK (Business & Commercial Knowledge) – Common Business Terminologies  – CA Aakash
  4. BCK (Business & Commercial Knowledge) – Government Policies  for Business Growth – CA Aakash
  5. BCK (Business & Commercial Knowledge) – Introduction to Business & BCK – CA Aakash
  6. BCK (Business & Commercial Knowledge) – Organizations Facilitating Business – CA Aakash
  7. Economics – Business Cycles – Dr. P V Raghavan
  8. Economics- Meaning and Types of markets – Dr. P V Raghavan
  9.  Economics- Nature & Scope of Business Economics – Dr. P V Raghavan
  10. Theory of Demand and Supply –  Dr. P V Raghavan
  11. Theory of Production and Cost – Dr. P V Raghavan

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