Full CA Course Duration for CA Foundation, Inter and Final

Below is the duration of the Full CA Course after 10th, 12th, and graduation or post-graduation. Check how you can complete the CA Course in as little as 4.5 years after the 10th grade or postgraduate studies.

The CA Course is usually completed in 5 years and includes three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and final, as well as articleship training. Direct entry graduates can complete the CA course in as little as 4.5 years.

This is the minimum time required. You can add an extra 6 months to the course if you have difficulty passing the CA exams. The CA course is open to all ages, and there are no age restrictions.

This post contains comprehensive information about the CA Course Duration after you have completed your 10th, 12th, and graduation.

Course Duration

The table below provides information about the CA course length for each level.

Course Duration
ProcessDuration of CA course (in months)
CA Foundation Study PeriodFour Months
Waiting period for CA Foundation ResultsTwo Months
CA Intermediate Study Period8 Months
Waiting period for Intermediate CA Results
Complete ITT and OT within this period
Two Months
Articleship TrainingTwo Years
Preparation period for CA Final6 Months
CA Final ResultsTwo Months
Course Duration5 Years

Duration of CA course after 12th

The Chartered Accountancy Course typically takes five years to complete for students in Class 12. It involves three exams, and a requirement of completing a three-year training articleship. The table below provides a detailed timeline for each level of the CA Course.

After 12th
CA Foundation May 2024 RegistrationJan 1, 2024
Attend 12th examsMarch 2024
Fill out the CA Foundation Exam formFeb 2024
CA Foundation ExamsMay 2024
CA Foundation May 2023 ResultJuly 20246 Months
CA Inter Registration May 20,24Sept. 1, 2024
CA Inter ExamsMay 2025
CA Inter Result DeclarationJuly 2025One Year
Register for Articleship TrainingJuly 2025
CA Final Registration (After 2.5 Years of Training)Dec 2027
CA Final ExamsMay 2027
CA Final Result DeclarationJuly 2027Three Years
Completing the remaining 6 months of trainingDec 20276 Months
Total Course Duration5 Years

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has revised its education and training program. The ICAI aims to streamline the CA process by reducing the time to become a CA from six months to three with the new CA scheme.

The new scheme allows individuals to become Chartered Accountants in a minimum time of 4.5 years. To get a full understanding of the changes, read the article in its entirety and gain all the details.

Duration of the CA Foundation Course

The course lasts for 6 months. You can sign up for CA Foundation exams if you have completed the 12th grade. After registering, you will need to devote four months of study time before you can take the CA Foundation exam. The results of the exam are announced two months after it has concluded.

CA Intermediate Course Duration

The course is completed in approximately 10 months. After enrolling for the CA Intermediate exam, you will need to devote eight months of study time before you can take the exam. ICAI releases the CA Intermediate results within two months after the final exam.


After completing your CA Intermediate exams, you can register for ICITSS. You will need to dedicate 100 hours of your time to Information Technology and participate in an Orientation Program lasting one week. This training can be completed while you wait for the results of the CA Intermediate exams.

CA Articleship Period

CA Articleship is a mandatory program that lasts for three years and is essential for any aspiring Chartered Accountant. During this time, students get hands-on experience in Chartered Accountancy. After passing either one or both of the CA Intermediate groups, students are eligible to enroll in Articleship training.


AICITSS is an acronym for Advanced Information Technology and Management and Communication Skills Program. This is a comprehensive program that students can take part in during their final two years of Articleship Training.

CA Final Course Duration

Students must pass both CA Intermediate groups to enroll in the CA Final Course. The CA Final Exam can be taken during the final six months of articleship training. To streamline the registration process, many students choose to register for the CA Final while they are still in training.

It’s important to pass the CA Course on the first attempt if you want to complete the course in five years. Every additional attempt will extend your journey by 6 months.

ICAI Changes to the CA Articleship Duration Lifecycle

ArticleshipThe Foundation Route After passing one or both groups of Intermediate and completing the Integrated Course in Information Technology and Soft Skills. Direct entry route: After registration to the CA Intermediate course and completion of ICITSS.Direct Entry and Foundation Route: After passing both groups of Intermediate and completion ICITSS.
DurationThree years oldTwo years old
LeaveThe period of articleship is 1/7 .Twelve leaves per year.
Industrial TrainingThe last 9 to 18 months as an articleshipThe last 9-12 months of articleship.
Qualification to take the CA Final ExamsAfter completing 2.5 years as an articleship.After six months of the date of completion.
Training After CA Final ExamsIf the 3 year articleship period is not completed prior to attempting CA Final exams, then 6 months will be added after the attempt.After completing 2 years of practical experience, no further training is required.

After 10th, the course duration for CA is:

The ICAI allows students to enroll in the CA Course immediately after completing 10th grade. The course can be taken temporarily by students who have passed the 10th grade. They can take the exams only after they have completed 12th grade.

The Chartered Accountancy Course takes about 7 years for a student who starts after the 10th Grade. It is the same path as pursuing CA in the 12th grade. The only difference is that the 11th and the 12th grades are added on.

Duration of CA Course after Graduation

The duration of the CA Course is typically 4.5 years following graduation. You can enroll directly in the CA Intermediate Course after graduation without having to pass the CA Foundation exam.

After registering for CA Inter, you will undergo a one-month ICITSS course and sign up for a nine-month articleship. After you pass both CA Inter groups, you will continue with the remaining training to prepare for the CA Final exams.

Refer to the following table for a more detailed view of the CA Course Duration after graduation:

Duration of CA Course after Graduation
CA Course levelDuration
Completing ITT and OT in the timeframeOne Month
CA Intermediate Study Period8 Months
Waiting period for Intermediate CA ResultsTwo Months
Articleship TrainingThree Years
Preparation period for CA Final6 Months
CA Final ResultsTwo Months
CA Duration after Graduation4.5 Year

Duration of CA course after graduation

Students who have completed their MBAs or other postgraduate degrees will typically need a minimum of four years to complete the CA Course. After you have completed your postgraduate course, you can sign up directly for the CA Intermediate Course.

FAQ for CA Course Duration

  1. After graduation, how many years can I do CA?

The CA course is 42 months long. Students who join the Chartered Accountancy program after graduating will have to take a total of 36 months. (Through the direct entry scheme). This is the minimum period, but 6 months are added if the CA exams are not passed.

2. How long will it take to finish CA after 10th grade?

ICAI allows students to enroll in the CA Course even after they have completed the 10th grade. After passing the 10th grade, they can register provisionally for the course. They can only take their exams after passing their 12th class. The Chartered Accountancy Course will take 7 Years for a class 10th student.

3. How long is the CA course?

The CA Course is usually completed in 5 years, which includes three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and final, as well as articleship training. Direct entry graduates can complete the CA course in just 4.5 years.

4. Can a student who has passed the 10th grade apply for CA?

You can apply to take the CA Foundation Exam if you have successfully passed your Class 10 exam from a government board in a state, central or both. Your admission is initially provisional, and confirmed once you pass the Class 12 exams.

4. Can I finish CA in two years?

Total duration for becoming a CA is usually between 4.5 and 5 years. This includes the educational requirements, practical training, as well as the examination process.

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