What is CA Foundation Course?

The CA foundation course offered by the renowned institution of Chartered Accountancy, KS Academy, a step towards your successful career choices.

The Beginning methodologies of the institution ensure the art of understanding and learning to be well built along with the portions, which helps the student further develop and grow bigger in the exams they work on.

The students require the right foundation for what they wish to achieve. To pass with wondrous marks, the students have to undertake an ICAI exam, also known as the CA examinations conducted by the Institution of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The exam consists of various stages, which one has to cross with a decent percentage.

For being a professional in the field, which is to be a Chartered Accountant, the candidates have to attend a list of examinations, which are the foundation course examination, an exam of 4 papers, Intermediate examination, an exam of 8 new CA Foundation syllabus papers, and 8 papers of Old syllabus. And the CA final exam consists of 8 papers of the old syllabus, and likewise of the new syllabus.

Focusing on the Foundation course, the papers include four main papers.

  • PAPER:1 – Principles and practice of accounting.
  • PAPER:2 – Business laws and Business correspondence and reporting.
  • PAPER:3 – Business mathematics and logical reasoning and statistics.
  • PAPER:4 – Business economics and business and commercial knowledge.

Since the foundation course is the core base of all the other stages, finding the right place to invest the trust, learning experience and money is a big decision. KS Academy offers strong and structured learning to the beginners, which groom them to excel in every paper they are tested with, and with the interaction between the student and the coach being established in every medium, be it the online platform, or direct classes, the quality is never compromised.

KS Academy leaves no platform if it supports education. It offers wide options for students who wish to learn as they want to. The institution offers direct face-to-face classes, virtual classes, Google drive, and pen drive classes to students, to make sure every candidate receives the right amount of study material and teachings. To register as a new student, the candidate is offered an easy, all-time available platform, which is online, fuss-free for a CA Foundation registration.

Steps to Register for a CA Foundation Examination

  1. The first step is to open the registration page of the official website of KS Academy.
  2. There are three options that are shown. We have to specifically click the CA foundation menu among the CA intermediate, foundation, and CA final courses.
  3. There are three options, which the student can select to register, with respect to their exam dates and preferences.
  4. With the selections checked accordingly, a student can complete their registration process in just minutes, a hassle-free process in hand.
  5. The eligibility criteria for aspiring students is a certification of passing 10th and 12th class from a recognized organization in India.


At present, the CA foundation course dates are based on exam schedules. It includes

  • The fast track courses for the CA foundation exam in May 2023.
  • The courses for the CA foundation exam in November 2023.
  • The CA foundation courses for the exam in May 2024, which is a special segment for the +1 pass students.


With respect to this content, it is important to discuss the issue of admit cards for the year 2023. The admit card is required for all the courses, which has the exam allotment details, center and location. At the time of examination, the students are required to download their admit cards from the official websites, which will help them get through their exam requirements.  Every paper has a single admit card which the student can download using their login information. It is important that the student must remember this step, which is crucial for attending the exam. This is key card for all the aspirants which includes the students name, registration number, signature, photograph which are constitutes as the identity of who the student is.


  • The ICAI 2023 exam centers of the southern region are covering the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, U.Ts. of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry.

The examinations, by far is a strict process, and the do’s and don’ts play a major role. Here, are some of it, as follows:

  • Since it’s one of the challenging professional courses, a beginner should start the practice of early preparation.
  • Continuous practice of ICAI released revision papers are important for a healthy, and succeeding result, which also gives a boost of energy to proceed to the next level. This also familiarizes the students with the type of questioning methods implemented.
  • Mugging the lessons is not a good practice of learning, as understanding concepts is one of the major needs to know what to learn next, with the knowledge gained.
  • It is required to keep all the necessary identity documents before the actual examination. Losing it is never an option.
  • Malpractice is a serious offense and it can be a bad decision at any cost, as the examination is a national level based conduct, and professionalism and genuine scoring are the best.


The CA examination is a national level-based test, which makes the results worth waiting for. KS Academy offers the platform to check the results through its official website, which makes it easy for the student enrolled in the institution. This again is a recognition to the company, and it is always said to provide the better and best results of all time.

The steps involved in checking the result are:

  1. Open the official website of KS Academy.
  2. Click the tab, RESULTS, and click the required result options. In this case, let’s select CA foundation results.
  3. There are a series of years that are the results of the students and select the year during when you have written the exam.
  4. Being a registered user of the institution, the website makes it easy to find your name, accordingly. Check your results, and enjoy!

NOTE: It is important to remember your login credentials.

The merit list is available on the list, and it is the pride of the institution that the students gain extremely good grades with the help of their teachers, their dedication, and the efforts that go two ways.

KS Academy has always proven to be the best institution in the southern regions of India, and it will always shine with the help of qualified teachers, dedicated students, and the management’s support.

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