In this era of digital world of 4IR (Industrial Revolution 4.0), online classes have become the new normal. Especially for a professional course like CA, where a student is expected to invest 12 – 14 hours a day. Online classes are a boon, indeed a double bonanza. The first and foremost, they SAVE solid 2-4 hours of the travel TIME and obviously travel expenses, especially now where the petrol prices are at an average of Rs 103 per litre. Students are at an advantage of online learning as they have the option of taking recorded sessions or attend live classes of their choice across the globe, anytime, anywhere at ease, to their schedule!!! Specially for students from remote places, International students & CA Final students are at an absolute advantage. No compromise, yet the best!! Online learning addresses the challenge of our fast paced world in a way that traditional classroom settings never could. Let us say, the best faculty takes class only in a particular State/Country, or a CA final student undergoing articles who religiously planned for classes and his Principal has different plans of engaging him for an outstation audit for the same 3 months!!And now location shall no more be a constraint. He/she get to learn from that  best faculty, without the need of relocation, can effectively manage outstation audits and classes equally without missing either, without compromising on the food, cutting down food, accommodation and travel cost etc. It’s an absolute win- win. No compromise, yet the best!

Online classes are a big time saver, a quick pointers as below,

  • Enhanced learning experience
  • Saves TRAVEL TIME: Most costly and the MOST TREASURED & VALUABLE thing for a CA student is their TIME. Every Nano-second is an investment. As the saying goes, “TIME & TIDE wait for none”, is true “TIME AND CA Exam WAIT FOR NONE” With online learning, the necessity to travel miles is replaced in this new normal. Students have the advantage of utilising the travel to complete 1 more chapter.
  • Self-paced Classess: Back to back classes can be scheduled with no worry of travel. Customised effective planning would be in place
  • Option of rewind, playing it slow and taking the class twice: Few people want to hear the concept twice or prefer taking it slow or chances of missing out few points. With recorded session, it is possible!
  • Most Effective Learning: Students hardly miss classes. No Absenteeism
  • Beyond Boundries and age: Accessible for all from anywhere, anytime: It’s a bliss for CA final students with erratic/unplanned/surprise outstation audits, International students and for students from remote places!! Beauty of the course is that it has no age bar. No more shame/weird feel  for those pursuing CA in their latter part of their life
  • Reduced food, accommodation, travel expenses :
  • Healthy Competition: With people across borders connected in online live sessions,
  • Choose the faculty of your choice: Freedom to learn from the faculty of your choice whose teaching style is best suited for you across border. How cool is it to take the class from the faculty of our choice and more amazing is to take it from our own place at a self-paced manner
  • Real time Update: Gone are the days where we return home with last minute cancellation of classes, Study Materials running short and so on.
  • Flexibility: Students can revise or go through a particular topic as many times as they want. With the advancement of technology, we can connect to faculties 24/7

For a teacher- based student like me, somebody who is easily distracted, who loves to take it in self-paced manner, enjoys the knowledge at -.5 to 2 x speed, addicted to that study corner of the house etc. online learning is the most awesome thing which could happen

Online classes are like the freshly baked sliced potato falling in your lap. What more can we ask for and be more welcoming, if we could get the best at ease, at our own place, at the click /touch of a button!!


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