CA Final Preparation Strategy | In One Month, Revise the Entire CA Final Course

Only one month remains until your exams, and you must be wondering how to revise such a large course in just one month, as well as how to plan a CA Last preparation strategy for the final month. Don’t be worried that you’re in the worst possible situation and that nothing can be done now. Many students have yet to complete their course, so you should consider yourself fortunate that you have at least completed the course and are now ready to revise. Grant it your all; the ICAI will give you 50%, and you will only need 50% to pass this exam.

To pass the CA Final examinations, you must create a study plan, revise your course at least three times before the exams, and practise a large number of questions to obtain a good understanding of the subject. However, if you are bright enough to remember everything in a single revision, you will not be wasting your time. It’s time to put in some serious effort and focus. You must study for 15 hours each day.

We are presuming, however, that you have completed your course at least once.

CA Final Preparation Strategy

We’ll show you how to make the most of your limited time and pass the CA Final in only one month –

  1. Choose between a single group and both groups

Choosing whether to prepare for the CA final exam in a single group or both groups is the most significant aspect of the CA final preparation approach. The majority of the pupils were caught in this situation. We recommend that you think about your preparation and ask yourself if you have done enough to offer both groups a chance. But if you don’t want to waste time in both groups, don’t bother. Instead, prepare thoroughly for a single group and then work with a different group in the next try. In the long run, these six months will be beneficial.

  1. Make a schedule

Do not begin your revision without a timeline; otherwise, you will find yourself in a situation where you have completed one topic and have seven more subjects to do. As a result, make a genuine timetable that covers all of the subjects and allows at least three days for exam preparation. Depending on your skill, divide the time between each subject. Don’t make a timetable based on the days. Instead, set aside time each day to devote to each topic. This is the finest CA final study method for the last month.

  1. Don’t spend the entire day on theory

Maybe you’re thinking about dividing your subjects into 3-4 days each, but trust me when I say this is the worst option unless you’re a little smarter than the rest of the class. Either pick two or three subjects per day and set a deadline to meet your objective. The reason for this is that studying theory for an entire day might be tedious, make you sleepy, and cause you to waste productive time. Instead, it only lengthens your working hours. As a result, correctly arrange time in a day to both practical and theoretical studies.

  1. At the very least, one subject should be prepared for exemption

Students, it’s only normal that every one of us has one weak topic in which we hope to obtain at least 40%. It may be ISCA, which is highly technical, or DT, which is quite broad, or AMA, which requires very crisp notions, or IDT, where GST has been introduced. One subject must be prepared in such a way that it covers your overall grade.

Last Month’s CA Final Revision Strategy

  1. Make a list of quick notes for the exam day

Making brief revision notes should be the first step in the CA Final Study Strategy for the previous month. To revise, you can either consult a summary book or create your own handwritten notes on the exam day. If making summary notes is taking up too much of your time, skip it and instead use summary modules from a teacher. But keep in mind that whatever material you plan to use on exam day, you must have gone over it previously. On the one-day preparation leave, DO NOT USE NEW MATERIAL.

  1. RTP and MTP are both covered

RTP and MTP must be covered as soon as the subject is finished. Take it into consideration as part of your revision. It will provide you a realistic view of how to approach the paper. Don’t wait until you’ve finished all of your subjects before beginning RTP and MTP. You should instead cover RTP at the same time. It doesn’t take long because it only covers one or two questions from each chapter. Finally, you have the option of using MTP. CA is something you should do. Exams will be better prepared if you use previous year’s papers and KSA CA Final SAP test papers.

  1. The emphasis is on the amendments

Don’t skip the amendments because the ICAI always wants you to be up to date on the laws and provisions. At first, try to conceal them. Particularly when it comes to areas like DT, IDT, and law.

  1. ISCA’s mnemonics

The majority of students regard ISCA as a weak spot in their CA Final preparation. The explanation for this could be that you’re having trouble studying technical terms and remembering them during the exam. As a result, you should learn this subject using mnemonics. You can look it up on Google or utilise some teacher’s notes from when this subject was taught using mnemonics.

  1. AS, IND AS, and SA must all be covered

It’s an important aspect of accounting and auditing. AS IND AS and SA are simple to read and require less time than other sections. Aside from that, they are extremely high scorers, yet they never write the wrong number of AS, IND AS, or SA. If you can’t remember the number, start with the name alone.

  1. Make a list of section numbers

You might think you got a decent grade in IPCC since you didn’t write down the section numbers. However, students, this is CA Final, not IPCC, and CA Final is five times more difficult than IPCC. Your basic understanding of parts is assessed at the IPCC level, but the ICAI expects you to be an expert in all areas at the Final level.

  1. Revision Videos to Watch

Instead of wasting time revising the complete concepts, you can watch revision videos on YouTube that will greatly assist you in revising the concepts and allow you to get right into the questions.

  1. Make changes to the PM

The ICAI has a habit of grilling the PM with questions. So, if you’ve already gone over the PM, it’s a good idea to go over it again. Although it is more difficult to revise PM than AMA, you can choose some questions that you believe are important for the exam.


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