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Why did I choose CA?

Coming from a middle class family, achieving financial independence at a younger age had always been my dream. Having witnessed the success stories of great CAs, has ignited the spark within me at a very young age.

Why did I choose KSA?

Upon taking the first step in choosing my dream course, I lacked clarity on choosing the right place to accomplish the same. It was at this time when I attended career counselling meet conducted by KSA along with my friend. Saravanan Sir’s speech on asking “why” gave my thought process a new dimension. His speech redefined the way I addressed the concepts and gave me humungous clarity. On conclusion of the counselling, I was sure to be on the right track by enrolling in KSA.


With the delay in completion of class 12 examinations we were left with only 1.5 months to prepare for CPT. We had to attend classes for longer hours to cover the portions but the way the subjects were taught was enjoyable and made me understand that happiness and learning can co-exist.

Model exams that were conducted one week before the main exam acted as a game changer and instilled confidence in me. I stood second out of 2000 students. This success came at a point in time where I doubted on my own abilities to perform well on a big stage. It completely changed the way I prepared for the main exam in the next week with full confidence enabling me to score the highest marks of 195/200 in the history of KSA.


My CPT score instilled in me confidence on one side and also fear on the other side to live up to the expectations of my teachers, family, and friends and to continue the success. It was an eight-month course where we had to attain conceptual understanding of 8 completely new subjects. It was a real challenge, but the clarity attained through classes at KSA along with the motivational speeches of Sara Sir, drove us towards the finishing line. The weekly SAP exams that were conducted for 2 months gave the right direction and facilitated completion of the vast CA inter syllabus.

Model exams that were conducted in ICAI pattern prepared us well for the main exam and I secured an All India Rank 18 scoring 611/800. This was truly a jubilant moment as it was my first success at national level.


With amazing learning experience at KSA, there was no second thought on my CA final classes. Being a part of all subjects batch, classes began 2.5 years before final exams which enabled us to remain in constant touch with the subjects. It was a very different learning experience playing dual role of a big 4 article and final student. We were provided with eminent faculties for all subjects that made learning such vast subjects a pleasant and knowledgeable experience.

Even during the pandemic, KSA was quick in adapting to the changed environment and provided us with recorded and zoom live sessions that were on par with the earlier face to face sessions. Online SAP and model exams gave us ample support to bring us back to form after the decreased writing practise during articleship.

“With exceptional performances in CPT and Inter, I wanted to set the bar high and was grateful to achieve the same”. I secured an All India Rank 11 in CA Final.

My experience as a teacher at KSA

I was fortunate to be one of the youngest faculty members in KSA teaching Accountancy. It was a completely different and a fulfilling experience of being a teacher and a student at the same time. The opportunities and facilities that KSA provides to its teachers are truly amazing and will motivate to give the best to students. Teaching has clearly played an immense role in my life helping me overcome stage fear and has also facilitated me to boldly express my views in public.

Overall experience

On the whole, it was a life-changing experience being part of such a wonderful organisation that has the right intent and strives to bring out the best in its students. The positivity and the right attitude towards life is something that sets KSA apart from others.

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