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Why did I choose CA?

After choosing “commerce” stream in Class 10, deciding the course to be done after Class 12 was one of the most critical decision of my life. During my days in Class 11 and Class 12, I gained interest over the subject “Accountancy” and my Accountancy teacher “Vimala Balajee Miss” and Business Studies teacher “Meenakshi Kumar Miss” encouraged me to study CA.

I also understood the satisfaction, choices, independence and happiness that a Chartered Accountant has after successful qualification in exams.Considering all these factors, I decided to pursue CA right after my Class 12 exams in 2018.

Why did I choose KS Academy?

After having decided to study CA, choosing the right place is something which iscrucial in pursuit of correct direction. I saw a couple of YouTube videos of Saravanan Sir’s class namely the video regarding “CA CPT – Trap Question” and “Inventory – Inflationary and Deflationary Trend”.

The interaction of the students, conceptual depth and involvement shown in the class attracted me. Also, there was a sense of happiness in the class. Further, I spoke to some of my seniors who studied in KS Academy.

It did not take a lot of time to know for a fact that KS Academy is one of the most ideal and probably the best place to study such a challenging course.


After my class 12 exams, I had to write my CPT exams in June 2018. The classes were from April to June. It was a surreal moment when I saw Saravanan Sir physically for the first time on 5th April, 2018 since I had seen him only in YouTube till then.

The first class is something which is unforgettable especially after I told all the plausible wrong answers when he asked regarding the objectives of accounting.

It was a great couple of months with all eminent and extremely knowledgable faculty members sharing the subject. The model exam conducted prior to the main exam also increased the confidence and provided an examination-like experience just before the main exam. This was important considering that it was the first time that we were to write an examination conducted by ICAI.

CA Intermediate

After a couple of months, the Intermediate classes started on August 2018. The amount of happiness in the classes, the interaction and the involvement created during the CPT class made me decide without further thought that KS Academy is the place where I shall do my entire CA.

The syllabus were vast but itwas something which did not seem an issue with the way the classes went on. Each and every class seemed to be an event and with each passing day, the interest towards the subject and happiness in learning those rose towards the pinnacle with the way the subjects were taught.

I still remember almost each class even today and such was the level of happiness and satisfaction during the classes. Being a person who is fond of happiness, I felt extremely delighted and fascinating to read the new subjects which were the core in CA course. Students were encouraged to develop their own ideas, put forth their views, ask questions, answer the questions asked and further,all the students are treated the same way irrespective of the past records and achievements whether or not they seem good and never a student is discouraged irrespective of the circumstance.

SAP and Model Exams conducted provided a correct direction which if added with consistency, focus and discipline, will ensure success in main exams.The exams are conducted in an examination like environment, papers are evaluated in a manner similar to ICAI and the syllabus for each exam is designed in a manner geared to ensure completion of 100% syllabus heading towards the main exam. Further, the rewards given by Saravanan Sir for the toppers of SAP and Model exams also motivated us to perform better in each exam.

It was a top of the world moment when I came AIR 39 in my CA Intermediate exams conducted in May 2019. I never knew much of Ranks and hardly expected a Rank with my expectation being to clear the exams with good score. It was only after looking at my score of 611 marks that I decided to see the Merit List containing Ranks. I felt one of the additional feather on the cap was scoring 89 marks in “Auditing and Assurance” which was a threat paper in Group 2. That day will ever remain one of the best and definitely the unforgettable day of my life.

CA Final

Joining CA Final All Subjects May 2022 Batch was something which was like a “Sure Event” and did not have any decision as such in it. The classes began and the experience was quite different with Articleship going on.

With the Covid-19 outbreak and the pandemic, KS Academy seemed to be quick to adapt to the change and introduce online and recorded classes which can be seen from home. Majority of the classes went in online mode from home which seemed to be unfortunate since I had already experienced the level of happiness and excitement that face to face class offers at my Intermediate days. However, changes are to be accepted and this being a forced change, nothing can be done.

The Zoom Live sessions of Saravanan Sir were more like a face to face class with the level of involvement, happiness and satisfaction. KS Academy provided us with the Best faculty members for all the subjectsof CA Final. The classes were engaging and the conceptual depth was ensured in Online classes also. In this way, two years passed by.

In same manner like Intermediate, SAP and Model exams were conducted. It ensured right direction. Consistency and discipline seemed to be further important in CA Final considering the memory based testing and vastness of syllabus with each subject being an ocean in itself.

After having experienced the feeling after securing a rank in my CA Intermediate, CA Final was an exam which I aimed for a rank before the exam, expected a rank after the exam and eventually got a rank. It was an extremely happy feeling although not surprising when I got AIR 36 in my CA Final May 2022 exams. In the likemanner as in my Intermediate, scoring 82 in “Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics” and also scoring 87 in “Indirect Tax Laws” were something which I was delighted at.

Overall experience in KS Academy

All the success was made easier with the support given by KS Academy, its faculty members, staff and other volunteers. The encouragement and the confidence instilled by them ensured that my CA journey went on happily and successfully despite being a challenging course. The positivity, direction and the correct attitude is something which sets KS Academy apart from rest of the places which deals in CA coaching by making the student committed to attain the ultimate goal.

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