Convert CA Old to CA New Syllabus for May 2024 Exams

On July 1, 2023, the ICAI put the CA New Scheme and CA New Course into effect. To find out How to Convert the CA Old to the CA New Syllabus for the May 2024 Exams, read this page.

The CA New Scheme of Education and Training 2023 has been introduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and will go into effect on July 1, 2023. The CA Course will undergo major modifications as a result of this revised curriculum, including adjustments to the course’s content and the length of its practical training.

Before the approaching 2024 exams, we’ll show you how to easily transition from the outdated CA syllabus to the new one with this tutorial. Let’s examine the specifics.

Conversion Of CA Old To CA New Syllabus

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has laid out a simple procedure for switching from the CA Final Old Syllabus to the CA New Syllabus. Students must first confirm that they meet the requirements for the conversion before paying the necessary conversion fees. After that, ICAI assumes control and sends out the study materials required for the revised syllabus.

Students were initially given the option, with a deadline, to voluntarily switch from the old CA Final scheme to the new one. For example, March 13, 2022 was the last day to convert for the tests in May 2022. This required completing conversion paperwork on the SSP portal and paying the $50 or $1,000 conversion fee.

But now that students are automatically switching from the old system to the updated plan, ICAI has made the procedure simpler. As we walk you through the modifications and adjustments in the CA New Syllabus, stay tuned.

Normal Route Students

Case 1: Students who are enrolled in the Old Course, qualified to take the examination, or who have taken the examination but have not yet passed any group

Students must complete their conversion process by the date given by ICAI if they want to take the May 2022 examinations using the new syllabus. Students need to pay a conversion charge of Rs 1000/-(US$50) in order to start the transition.

After the conversion is complete, ICAI makes sure that students receive their study materials at no additional cost. It’s important to remember, though, that even while the study materials are provided free of charge, students are still responsible for paying for their own transportation.

Example 2: Traditional Path Enrolled Pupils and Successful Group-1

There is a required step ahead for previously registered students who completed Group 1 with the old course and are considering switching to the Revised Scheme. If they haven’t finished the ICITSS (ITT), ICITSS (OC), or ICITSS (ITT and OC) under the previous scheme, they must do so under the current one. They can then begin their Practical Training after that.

Conversion is now required for individuals planning to take the May 2022 tests, even though it was completely optional until May 2019. The switch to the Revised Scheme entails paying a small Rs 1000/-(US$50) conversion charge.

With the exception of transportation costs, which students must pay, ICAI handles sending study materials to students at no additional expense after this purchase. To ensure a seamless transfer to the CA New Syllabus, keep yourself informed as you work through the conversion process.

Case 3: Formerly enrolled students completed Group 1 and started their practical training.

There are two options available to former enrolled students who have successfully completed Group 1 and started their professional careers. They have two options: either carry on with their training and use the previous course to get the permitted tries for Group 2. Alternatively, individuals can switch from the previous CA syllabus to the new one by paying a small conversion cost of Rs 1000/-(US$50).

The benefit of choosing conversion is that ICAI offers free study resources. However, the cost of transportation is the student’s responsibility. Students can match their CA journey with the new CA New Syllabus with this choice, which offers flexibility.

Case 4: Old Registered Students passed Group – 2

Up until May 2019, students registered in the previous version of the course offered by ICAI are free to follow the previous syllabus. But beyond that, a change to the new schedule is required.

As things stand right now, students have complete discretion over whether or not to switch to the updated program. Students who haven’t finished ICITSS (ITT) or ICITSS (OC) under the previous system must take them after selecting the new one.

There is a conversion cost of Rs 1000/-(US$50) for those who choose the new plan. Students simply have to pay for shipping costs in exchange for ICAI providing free study materials. This gives students the chance to efficiently manage their expenses and seamlessly transition to the new CA New Syllabus.

Direct Entry Route

There is still a chance to register for the CA Intermediate level for those who failed the ICAI entrance exam or the CA Foundation exam. For graduates or postgraduates who fulfill the necessary percentage requirements, the direct admission scheme offers two options: the first is for them, and the second is for individuals who have passed the Intermediate level of the ICSI or ICWA.

This gives prospective chartered accountants a different path to the CA Intermediate level without requiring them to complete the original CA Foundation test. As you investigate these choices within the context of the CA New Syllabus, keep yourself informed.

Conversion of CA IPCC (Old) to CA Intermediate (New)

This is a short guide that will help you adapt the previous CA syllabus to the new one so that you can move from the CA IPCC course to the CA Intermediate course:

We’ve provided clear instructions for those who are managing this conversion within the CA New Syllabus framework. A smooth transition to the revised CA Intermediate course is anticipated; stay tuned.

Case 1: Formerly registered students who are still eligible to take the IPC exam or who have taken the exam but failed any groups thus far.

Students who filed their mark sheets after July 1st, 2017, but were provisionally registered with ICAI before then, will be subject to the previous program. They have to pay a conversion charge of Rs 1000/-(US$50) in order to switch to the new plan, even though they were present in the previous attempts.

Study materials will be supplied to their address at no additional cost after conversion, with the exception of shipping, which is the responsibility of the students. This keeps them updated on the changes to their CA journey and guarantees a smooth transition to the CA New Syllabus.

Case 2: Students who have already registered and completed Group 1 or Group 2

Students are permitted a restricted number of chances to take the IPC exam using the previous course. Nevertheless, switching from the previous curriculum to the current one is the next step after all of these attempts have been made. A conversion fee of Rs 1000/-or US$50 must be paid for this.

ICAI handles the free delivery of study materials to students upon the completion of the conversion. It’s crucial to remember that even though the study materials are free, students are still going to have to pay for delivery.

Additionally, switching from the old to the new syllabus in time for the May 2024 CA exams is a simplified process. By determining their eligibility, paying a little fee, and obtaining study materials at no additional cost—they need only pay for their transportation—students can convert. Maintaining awareness and finishing the conversion are essential for a seamless transition to the revised CA New Syllabus.

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