Annual Chartered Accountant or CA Salary in India 2024

A CA is revered across India. In India, there are professionals who practice CAs and those working within firms. However, they earn a Chartered Accountant pay in India is very attractive.

If you are able to demonstrate a fundamental grasp of Commerce and a love of mathematics, with a good understanding of areas like Accounting Economics Taxation law, Business Studies and the like you’re in the ideal opportunity to become a Chartered Accountant. Some students, however, were studying in another track, and have switched courses to become certified Accountants. One of the main reasons is the high demand for CAs within India and CA salaries in India is around thousands.

Someone who has completed the CA Finals and acquired the skills required and expertise has the potential to make a handsome CA income in India every month.

Chartered Accountant Salary in India

The salary of a chartered accountant in India will depend on his work profile as well as the organization which employs the accountant. If a public company employs you, you will benefit from a fixed schedule of hours as well as lesser anxiety. However, if you’re a CA employed by the private sector or an MNC You can make higher wages. While government firms do not pay top salaries however, the benefits of the CA can be very attractive.

Salary Packages of Chartered Accountants in India

Least Package

The minimal salary per year in India for CAs CA can be estimated as INR 3 lakhs. It is an excellent beginning salary for new graduates. But the CA that has performed extremely impressively in this final CA Examination or established their own brand could be the one to earn the best-starting salary for CA.

Highest Package

The most lucrative salary package for CA includes the International assignment. The salary can reach INR 76,000 per annum.

In-Between Package

A Chartered Accountant’s salary for an International Posting is between INR 9 to 18 lakhs per annum, while public sector employees could earn INR 10-20 Lakhs p.a. Indian business giants pay between 6-9 lakhs per annum.

Lowest Package

For services provided the small businesses give chartered accountants from India with a pay package in the amount of INR3 lakhs per annum.

The Average Salary of Chartered Accountants in India

The ICAI has, in its analysis of its assignments, stated the average wage approximately India is around INR 7-8 lakhs per annum.

CountryFresherExpertise (4-5 Years)Lowest Total SalaryHighest Total SalaryAverage Base Salary
DubaiAED 100kAED 121kAED 27kAED 616kAED 119k
UKPS28.4kPS32.2kPS24kPS62kPS 35.9k
AustraliaAU$ 74.1kAU$64.1kAU$54kAU$113kAU$ 70.9
Table that shows the pay of CA across different countries, in their currency of choice.

Chartered Accountant Salary in the Big 4 Auditing Firms

Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Ernst & Young (EY), & Deloitte are the four well-known accounting organizations, also known as the Big 4. It’s a dream that comes to life for CAs to be employed within the Big 4, for there is a wealth of experiences as well as learning opportunities.

The average salary of the Big 4 to freshers CA pay per year is between 6 and 8 lakhs and for those who have an experience of 4 to 5 years, CA salary per annum is around INR 23 lakhs.

The majority of CA remains because the payout after 5 years can be substantial and they will begin the practice following that.

Name of the FirmLowest Salary in DollarsHighest Salary in Dollars
Deloitte LLP Or Deloitte & Touche LLP45,00060,000
Ernst & Young40,00063,000
KPMG 46,00062,000
The table shows the pay pa. of a chartered accountant who is part of the big four.

Other CA Firms-Salary of CA in India Per Annum

A fresher accountant in India Joins CA Firms to gain experience in the field after completing their training. CA firms in India employ only a handful of employees to protect their client’s interests and provide freshers with an impressive Chartered Accountant wage in India that ranges from INR3 between 6-7 lakhs annually.

A Practicing Chartered Accountant’s Salary in India

CPAs who practice earn a living based on their capacity to draw clients. If they can attract large firms as clients, they can earn as much as INR 50 lakhs per year. The median wage in India for chartered accountants who are practicing will be INR 21.3 lakhs. The minimum salary for chartered accountants in India earned from the practice of chartered accountants could be as high as INR 10, 000. There is evidence that the pay of female chartered accountants is higher than the remuneration of males.

CA Salary in India in Multinational Companies and FMCG

The new CA must be within the top 50 of companies for a Multinational as well as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). These are HUL (Hindustan Unilever), P&G (Procter and Gamble), MARICO, and RB (Reckitt Benckiser) and rank as the No. Uno in the marketplace. The companies require competent specialists in charge of finances and accounting for them. The salary of Chartered Accountants is between 18 and 25 lakhs annually in these firms. There are a lot of opportunities to pass their exams must be minimal so that they can get an entry-level position.

The companies offer a variety of benefits, including free conveyance service, rental vehicle, and accommodation along with financial benefits such as property and health benefits, as well as life insurance.

Chartered Accountant Salary in India in IT Companies

A Service of a CA for successful risk management makes sure that companies grow with profits while reducing losses to run the business without any issues.

The job opportunities is in IT businesses such as TCS, Reliance Industries, Infosys, Wipro, in small amounts, but the salary of chartered accountants is impressive. The company pays an average of 8-10 lakhs in salary for new graduates and INR 40-60 lakhs in CA salaries to professionals with experience and expertise.

The job of the bookkeeper is to keep track of books as well as prepare financial statements. They also examine them to verify the accounting standards is followed. The primary goal is to improve the image of the firm.

Growth potential within these companies is minimal. But, the compensation offered is fair.

What is the average amount Chartered Accountants in Public Sector Companies in India earn?

A fresher CA can have a chance to secure a job through the upcoming recruitment campaigns of the Institute of Civil Aviation which scored 50-60% on the CAFinal. The final and also the amount of times they have attempted to pass the test is 2. Companies that are government-owned like National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. (BHEL), Coal India Ltd (CIL), and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) employ CAs for their finance departments. It is a less demanding job and has fixed working hours as well as the salary of a chartered accountant can range from 8-20 lakhs depending on their abilities and knowledge. One issue is that they may be away from their home, or transfer between locations.

Name of the CompanySalary to CA
Reliance Industries LtdAmount of Rs. 25 lakhs
DeloitteBetween Rs15 and 36 lakhs
HULBetween Rs.16 and 30 lakhs
KPMGThe range of Rs 13 to 32 lakhs
Aditya Birla Sun LifeThe range of Rs13 to 35 lakhs
ICICIBetween Rs 12 and 27 lakhs
ITCThe price range is between Rs14-25 lakhs.
Bharti AirtelThe amount is between Rs 11-22 lakhs.
SBIRs 7-17lakhs
Table displaying the top pay sectors in India

This is a study of the CA wage in India by analyzing the elements that determine the amount of pay.

CA Salary in India for a Fresher

The ICAI gives placements to newly licensed CAs every two weeks throughout the year after releasing the outcomes of CA Final Exams. Given the present conditions, the exam was conducted in virtual format in the very first instance during the period between August and September of 2020. The recruitment witnessed a surge in the need for CAs by 37%. CA by 37%, and an increase in the salary of a CA, 2.923 jobs were offered, and the average annual salary was 8.9 lakhs.

It is important to note that first preference is given to rank-holders, who passed the test on the first attempt then the ones who did not make several attempts to pass the tests.

YearMonthAspirantsNumber of Jobs on OfferThe number of jobs allottedLowest SalaryHighest Salary Domestic
Table that shows the growth in the demand for and compensation of Chartered Accountants in India in the period 2018-2020.

Through the table, the rise in the demand in CA in India and the growth in CA salaries is simple to comprehend. Table 1 shows salary in terms of lakhs. The average CA student will be paid around 6-7 lakhs annually. These figures only pertain to those who are offered jobs with the help of the ICAI.

Salary of CA in India on the Basis of the Experience

Employers place a high value on the number of years the experience of CAs. CA. CA pay in India is 30 Lakhs annually for those who has a minimum of 10 years experience. The length of experience and the type of work completed during those years as well as in the organizations with which he had the privilege of working will determine his compensation.

Experience (years)Salary pa (lakhs)
20 or more50-70
Table displaying salary in accordance with experience in the form of lakhs per year.

The Members in Industry and Business (CMI&B) are the ones who organize Career Assent each year twice for the purpose of providing opportunities to veteran CAs to further their careers at top companies. An aspiring CA may also be a part of the forum.

A Chartered Accountant Salary on the Basis 0f a CAs Skills

The work of the position of CA is sought after due to the salaries for chartered accountants. CAs salary is calculated depending on his capabilities. Accounting for financials, budgeting great communication, auditing, risk-management, strategic analysis, management, and control are the competencies that CAs need to possess to enjoy good job visibility as well as a lucrative pay scale.

SkillsThe average salary per year
Budget Management9-11.5 millions
Strategic Accounts8-9 Lakhs
Evaluation and Management Auditing8-9 Lakhs
Financial Analysis7-8.5 millions
Financial Advisor8-8.5 millions
SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling7.5-8.5 thousands
Financial Reporting7-8.5 thousands
Auditing7-7.5 Lakhs
Account Management7.5 millions
Internal Audit7 lakhs
Accounting7 lakhs
Tax Consulting7 lakhs
Tax Compliance6-7 Lakhs
A table that lists the essential qualifications required by a CA as well as the cost of the skills annually.

A chartered accountant needs to be able to improve his abilities and stay up-to-date for a potential salary of 25 lakhs, or more.

What is the average amount a Chartered Accountant in India makes based on their Job profile?

A CAs expertise isn’t limited to accounting or tax. The CA is knowledgeable of a variety of aspects crucial to running an efficient company. The CA may be appointed as a Finance Director, Account Executive Finance Controller, CFO, or Financial Controller. Based on the job profile for the position he’s chosen and the position he is assigned, there could be different variations on his pay too.

Job Profile of a CAThe average salary per year
Finance Officer30-35 lakh
Account Executive20-25 lakh
Accountant20-25 lakh
Finance Controller18-19 lakh
Finance Manager9-10 lakh
Chartered Accountant7-7.25 lakh
Financial Analyst5-6 lakh
Assistant account manager4 to 5 lakh
Senior Account Executive3-4 lakh
Senior Accountant*3.5 lakh
Business Analyst3-4 lakh
Account Assistant1.75-2 1 lakh
Table that shows the work profile as well as the average wage.

How much is the typical wage of a Chartered Accountant?

The median salary ranges from 7 and 6 lakhs in India. The salary of a CA is, on average, able to increase to between 40 and 60 lakhs based on the qualifications and work experience of the CA. If he accepts an International job, he can make INR 75 lakh per year. In the most recent ICAI posting, it was 8.4lakhs is the median wage of CA.

What salary does a chartered Accountant have to begin his profession within India?

The beginning salary for a Chartered Accountant in India is contingent on a variety of factors including qualifications, experience, profile, the firm that he’s employed by as well as the place where he’s recruited. In a general way, it can be described as if the salary of a CA can start off with an income of 6-7 Lakhs up between 40 and 60 lakhs.

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