How do I become a CA?

One of the most common questions CA aspirants ask is how to become one. We will share the step-by-step detailed process to become a CA. Here, we’ll discuss the online CA classes that will improve your chances of passing this exam.

CA or Chartered Accountants are finance professionals that provide auditing, taxation, and financial consulting services. These professionals are accredited by ICAI. CA may work for a company or independently. CPAs and CFAs in other countries are the equivalent of Chartered Accountants (CA) in India. Due to the high salaries, the difficult exam level, and the ability to work independently, chartered accountants are highly respected professionals in India.

Why do people want to become CA?

In India, chartered accountants are very popular career. Every year, lakhs of candidates take the CA exam. Let’s look at why this profession is so popular before we go through the steps to becoming a CA.

Responsibilities as a Chartered Accountant (CA)

The following are the responsibilities of a chartered accountant:

  • Consultation Chartered Accountants offer their financial advice to protect businesses. Chartered accountants can help you make more money and save cash by following their advice.
  • Audit The audit is performed by CA in order to determine the areas which the company should improve its finances. Regular auditing can help companies avoid financial and legal problems.
  • Taxation Chartered Accountants help their clients with expert advice on tax payments. CA provide tax management consultation in accordance with legal guidelines.
  • Financial management: Chartered Accountants help clients with financial planning. Accountants manage clients’ financial accounts by tracking income and expenditures and generating reports on financial activities.

How To Become A CA: Step-by-Step Process

We will discuss the steps to becoming a CA.

Step 1. Assess your decision to become a CA

  • Don’t jump to the conclusion that you will become a CA immediately.
  • Understand what motivated you to pursue a career as a CA.
  • Check if the motivation is sustainable.
  • From the preparation process to the articleship and exploring your career options as a chartered account, weigh both pros and cons.

Start preparing immediately after deciding whether or not becoming a CA is in your best interest. You have decided to become a CA. Your focus should now be on learning how to become a CA.

Step 3: How to become a CA after Class 12th? Enrol in the Foundation Course

CA Foundation Course registration is required for those who wish to begin the CA preparation immediately after their 12th grade. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the place to register. This CA foundation course includes 4 papers, including:

CA Foundation New SubjectsMarks
Paper 1: Accounting100 Marks
Paper 2 – Business Laws100 Marks
Paper 3: Quantitative Aptitude :
Part A: Business Mathematics
Part B: Logical Reasoning
Part C: Statistic
100 Marks
Part A: 40 marksPart B: 20 marksPart C: 40 mark
Paper 4 – Business Economics100 Marks

Step 4: How to become a chartered accountant after graduation: Enrolment in the Intermediate Course

Graduates who want to become a CA can enroll in the intermediate course instead of the CA foundation course. This nine-month course covers accounting topics. Remember that students who completed the foundation course must also complete the CA Intermediate Course:

CA Inter New SubjectsMarks
1. Advanced Accounting100 Marks
2. Corporations and Other Laws
Part I: Company Law and Limited Liability Partnership Law
Part II: Other Laws
100 Marks
Part I: 70 marks
Part II: 30 marks
3. Taxation
Section A of the Income Tax Law
Section B: Goods and Services Tax
100 Marks
Section A: 50 marks
Section B: 50 marks
4. Cost and Management Accounting100 Marks
5. Auditing and Ethics100 Marks
6. Financial Management and Strategic Management
Section A: Financial ManagementSection
B. Strategic Management
100 Marks
50 Marks
50 Marks

Complete the 3-Year Practical Training(CA Articleship)

Aspirants can begin practical training(CA Articleship) once they have completed intermediate courses. Aspirants will be working with CA who are registered and will have to perform accounting tasks. This training allows one to gain practical experience as a chartered accountant. Aspirants must enroll in the final class and complete a four-week technology course during the training process.

Step 5 – Pass the Final Exam

You must enroll in the final course at least six months before the CA final exam. This course covers the following papers.

CA Final New SubjectsMarks
Paper 1 : Financial Reporting100 Marks
Paper 2: Advanced Financial Management100 Marks
Paper 3: Advanced Auditing, Assurance And Professional Ethics100 Marks
Paper 4: Direct Tax Laws & InternationalTaxation100 Marks
Paper 5: Indirect Tax Laws
Part I: Goods and Services Tax
Part II: Costumes & FTP
100 Marks
80 Marks20 marks
Paper 6: Integrated Business Solutions(Multi-Disciplinary Case Study With Strategic Management)100 Marks

How To Become A CA – Step Six: Enrol In ICAI

You will need to enrol with ICAI after passing the final exam. After you’ve enrolled, it is possible to start working as a chartered accountant on your own.

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